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SongStarz TV ! 

SongStarz is a series of 15 books, multiple companion books, songs, music and related media centering around a television show of the same name. 

Created by F.J.Lily (a..k.a Fiona Lily), the SongStarz books were adapted into a musical for schools in 2016 (SongStarz - The Musical) and SongStarz is proud to partner with Arts Award, bringing Arts to Schools. 

SongStarz TV brings you all the musical related content, and a whole host of book and music extras related to the SongStarz World in an 'on demand' format.  In addition we're launching SongStarz TV itself in 2022, and bringing the SongStarz competition to life - stay tuned!

The first book in the SongStarz World series, SongStarz Beginnings, is out now in ebook, paperback and audiobook format, with the second, SongStarz MYRIAD, available as an ebook. 

You can find more about the SongStarz story at www.songstarz.com, sign up for Review Scripts of the musical, and take a sneaky peek at the 'New for 2023' SongStarz Beginnings Musical backdrops and music below.

Enjoy ma petits! As Gustav would say!

SongStarz Musical Resources

Bringing you 'on demand' all the resources from the SongStarz musicals and much, much more....


Musical Resources: Digital Backdrops, Lead Sheets, Props & Costume Suggestions, Musical Karaoke videos, script and character hints.

SongStarz TV Extras.

Interviews with the acts, Secret Backstage Diary, SongStarz Beginnings audio clips, exclusive detail on the SongStarz Acts and Judges, even more Karaoke Videos, songwriting and creative exercises, and more!  Plus, don't forget, we're launching SongStarz TV itself in 2022, and bringing the SongStarz competition itself to life so, as Zeta Katara would say, stay tuned!

UK Arts Award Supporter

SongStarz is proud to have been an official Arts Award Supporter and educator since 2017.

email us at [email protected] to find out more.

Contact us at [email protected] from your School email address to receive details on how you can access SongStarz - TV for use in your school, get all the great resources AND how you can enter your school into the SongStarz Competition. Teachers and Students, we salute you!

Opportunities at SongStarz

Although we aren't currently recruiting for full time staff, from 2018 we have provided successful placements to University Students who have had a lot of fun, added value to SongStarz and to their CV, and gone on to great things. We tailor placements according to the skills and aspirations of the student concerned; for example direct marketing to schools, digital storytelling, contribution to educational materials, design and PR. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are a University looking to find student placements and we'll see what we can do to help.


Should you wish to licence any aspect of SongStarz, please contact us at [email protected]